Our Mission:

Supporting paediatric home and community care.
Improving transitions from hospital to home.

Connected Care is a program that works to enhance experience with transitions and build confidence, competence and shared understanding among children with medical complexity, their families and health care providers. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) and located at SickKids, Connected Care partners across the continuum of care to coordinate services, improve health and safety, spread standards of paediatric practice and deliver greater value across the health system.


Supporting paediatric community and home care providers. 

Connected Care offers programming to support community and home care providers caring for children with medical complexity and technology dependence. Connected Care offers:


Paediatric Education Modules

Community and home care providers can register for competency-based education modules to support building their capacity in caring for the unique needs of children with medical complexity and technology dependence.  

Connected Care Live

Connected Care Live offers community and home care providers 24/7 access to SickKids nurse-led consultation services to support and reinforce skills in taking care of children with medical complexity and technology dependence.


Improving transitions from hospital to home.

Committed to improving patient and family experience, Connected Care aims to improve transition from the hospital to community/ home through providing family caregiver education prior to dischargebridging transitions between care teams/settings and partnering to deliver system level transformation.


Family Education

Connected Care provides a central and dedicated family education program at SickKids focused on timely, one-on-one training for family caregivers of children being discharged from hospital on medical technologies.

Bridged Transitions

Connected Care is dedicated to improving transitions for families and home care providers through virtual and in-person visits at points of transition, focused on building confidence and comfort within the team.


System Level Transformation

Connected Care is committed to working with system-level and community partners towards integration and standardization of tools and processes across the continuum and LHIN boundaries.

I received a call from my daughter’s home care nurse when I was out running errands. She was in a panic so I had to return home... if she had a tool like Connected Care ... they could have supported her ... that would have been most helpful.
— Sophia, Mother to Jahlisa, SickKids Family Advisor