Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 5

This QuickHiT comes from a practice alert that SickKids is sending to families in the home and community setting- regarding the CORFLO Nasogastric (NG) Tubes 6 Fr (with stylet, weight 1.5g). If you are caring for one of these children, we want you to know that a series of incidents have been identified in which this type of NG tube tip has broken off at the level of the weight, while inserted in patients.

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Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 3

This QuickHiT! came from a consult initiated by a home care nurse who texted Connected Care Live! for clarification about the use of normal saline drops via tracheostomy. In this situation, the child's family had previously learned to routinely instill saline prior to suctioning but this practice differed from the nurse's employer's policy.

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Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 2

This Quick hit alert was identified by a family caregiver in the home setting. It was identified that the pressure gauge of the suction machine (portable or standing) should be checked every time a child is suctioned. Dials and settings on suction machines (older and newer types) can change or “slip” between uses resulting in inadequate suction power.

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QuickHitTomasz Czarny