Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 1


Connected Care Quick Hits are up to date and evidence based recommendations for the care of children with medical complexity & technology dependence, from hospital to home.

This Week's Practice Hint!


At recent Connected Care education sessions, home care nurses described being unsure about what is included in an Emergency Tracheostomy Kit


At the beginning of each shift as a safety check and when travelling with a child– be sure to always double check contents and bring your Emergency Tracheostomy Kit!

Emergency Tracheostomy Kit- Minimum Contents

  • Spare tracheostomy (same size) with obturator and ties assembled

  • Spare tracheostomy tube (one size (usually .5mm) smaller in DIAMETER) with obturator and ties assembled (store in a small, well-labelled clear bag)

  • Normal saline nebules (small, sealed tubes that are filled with saline)

  • Water soluble lubricant

  • Round-ended scissors

  • Clean tracheostomy gauze (dressing)

  • Manual suction setup: 20 mL syringe with feeding tube attached (in case the suction machine malfunctions)