Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 2

Connected Care Quick Hits are up to date and evidence based recommendations for the care of children with medical complexity & technology dependence, from hospital to home.

This Week's Practice Alert!


This Quick hit alert was identified by a family caregiver in the home setting. It was identified that the pressure gauge of the suction machine (portable or standing) should be checked every time a child is suctioned. Dials and settings on suction machines (older and newer types) can change or “slip” between uses resulting in inadequate suction power.


Be sure to check the suction pressure at the start of your shift as part of your initial safety check, as well as every time you use the suction machine on a shift. Optimal suction pressure for children/youth requiring any kind of airway suctioning (tracheal, oral or nasopharyngeal) is usually between 80-120mmHg. Be sure to ask what the machine should be set at for the child you are caring for and what helps to keep the child comfortable during the procedure.

QuickHitTomasz Czarny