Connected Care Quick Hits Volume 5

Connected Care Quick Hits are up to date and evidence based recommendations for the care of children with medical complexity & technology dependence, from hospital to home.

ALERT: Corflo* NGT 6Fr Risk of Breakage


This QuickHiT comes from a practice alert that SickKids is sending to families in the home and community setting- regarding the CORFLO Nasogastric (NG) Tubes 6 Fr (with stylet, weight 1.5g). If you are caring for one of these children, we want you to know that a series of incidents have been identified in which this type of NG tube tip has broken off at the level of the weight, while inserted in patients.

Connected Care has opened a specific line to call for questions regarding this NG Tube Safety Alert
(647) 493-2844


Breakage issues have been noted only with this specific size of NG tube and no harm has come to any of the patients. All of the children have passed the broken particles in their stools. Families are being informed about the small risk that their child’s tube may break and provided information to understand the risk and have the tube changed if that is their preference.


The cause of spontaneous breakage is currently unknown but may be related to the size of the weight at the end of the tube. Silastic NG Tubes are weighted to prevent harm associated with migrating tube tips.


Current 6 Fr CORFLO* NG Tubes with 1.5 g weights are recommended to be replaced with an identical tube that has a lighter weight (1 gram). These new tubes are being sent out to families with a ‘Dear Parent’ letter, this week.

If you encounter a child and family who receives this practice alert, please partner to consult with Connected Care to review options to replace the NG Tube, including the possibility of making a visit to SickKids for support.

NEW CORFLO* NGT 6 Fr with stylet 1g weight

NEW CORFLO* NGT 6 Fr with stylet 1g weight

NEW CORFLO* NGT 6 Fr with stylet 1g weight

If you, or the family caregiver require navigation or education specific to re-inserting this replacement NG Tube, Connected Care has opened a specific line to call for this support: (647) 493-2844

  • When removing the NG tube (and any indwelling medical device) be sure to inspect the device and report to Connected Care if it is noted to be broken or faulty in any way. And, don’t throw out the ‘old tube’, as you may be requested to provide the NG tube Lot #

  • Inserting the new NG tube should be the same or easier than the previous tube. The smaller weight of the new tube means it may pass more comfortably through and advance beyond the child’s nare.

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